Kite & Yoga Girls Week in Roatán

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Finally arrived and well set-up in what we call our green and turquoise island, Roatán. I'm taking some time out to write about the upcoming Girls Week (9th-16th of March) to share the concept and what we do here. I believe the girls who are open to sharing a different vision and living a different experience, will recognize themselves.

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Basically, we've been running a kitesurfing school for 3 years (with Kite-Island excursions as well as coaching). Naturally we are using Core and Carved gear! Saying this, it might sound like any other cool spot or nice school, but I believe that our speciality is the quality of presence we give our visitors. If they want to see deeper, dive into the culture, live the surfer way or even understand the mystical strength of yoga, we are there to share it! It's always more than the kiting. It goes to the essence of why we want to kite and live this way.

Living with the locals (and I can confirm that we are the only North American and Europeans here in the village) while raising a wonderful baby by the sea is an indescribable thing, and it keeps our minds very open. I guess our true and simple life philosophy colored what we do and, I believe, helps build a unique time here.

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Of course the nature is wonderful and the wind is really great (that's why we chose this spot), but we carve out what we are, and what we have become.

So now you know more about how we see things (I haven't mentioned it all – the rest you will discover here!)… So what about the girls week?

For those who know me, I have never been into girls week (even if I loved to teach girls). Maybe I just had my own ideas about how it should be… so I did not jump into the few opportunities I had. The idea came back after I held a Yoga Retreat here in the jungle… and that was it. It was exactly what I wanted to do, a yoga week or “retreat” for girls who kite or want to kite.
Holding a yoga retreat was all about discovering and honoring ourselves: body, mind and spirit. A wonderful week of connection (and re-connection), sharing, making space for our true essence, while our body was fully appreciating the gifts it received!

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For me, that was extraordinary, I just could not wait to repeat this experience. The natural way forward was to infuse this energy and the idea into what I do the most out here – kiting. I do not have to say how much yoga can benefit your kiting (there are physical aspects, like preparing your tendons, strengthening your stabilizer muscles and so on.. mentally it improves your concentration and focus etc. Those are just basic examples!) because the benefits are so much more than that. It is like starting a new and healthier relationship with yourself.

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Yoga often goes hand in hand with surfing, and lately it's starting to appear with kitesurfing (wich I'm 100% encouraging and promoting). Both lifestyles aim for the same: Peace of mind. Balance. Love. Health. Nature.

The yoga retreats I've held in the past simply confirmed to me that I should move on it and bring this spirit into the kiting scene.

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I will be present for you throughout the 7 days during our morning 90 min yoga session, and for our kiting session in the afternoon. There will be plenty of time for sharing or answering questions on the subject of your choice. The accommodation (double occ.) is by the Caribbean sea, in a natural, relaxing and charming environment at Paya Bay, and it suits the context perfectly. All transport (airport and kite spot), breakfast and 2 dinners/event (in 2 different local villages), plus a full day kite-excursion are included in the total cost of the week.

For more information, go to:
Kite & Yoga Girls Trip Facebook page

You will go as deep in both practice as you are ready and here is my personal invitation to make this journey your next step. Looking forward to meet with you… Marilou Lavallée

Photos: Caroline Gauvin (Ouikite) Nicolas Lesco and Justin Bulota (KR)

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