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Colleen and I were already talking about doing something together last summer and having the same sponsor helped a lot as North Kiteboarding made this video possible.
Australia was the perfect location to do something different. We saw so many vans and 4×4 cars with people that were traveling around to find adventures and that gave us the idea to combine our sport with this hunger for adventure that people have that come to Australia.

Jason3 - Kiteboarding

James1 - Kiteboarding
Photo: James Boulding

We did not want to just land tricks, we wanted to enjoy the process of filming by being more creative and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Jason1 - Kiteboarding

Jason2 - Kiteboarding

It was a lot of fun to shoot with these hats and to film in the outback. I think we look great and it's important we don't take ourselves so seriously.

Jason6 - Kiteboarding

Jason4 - Kiteboarding

One more thing we wanted to show is this feeling of excitement when you see kiteboarding for the first time. I remember that I could not believe my eyes when I saw kiting the first time when I was in Hawaii. We also hope that people that don't kite will watch this video and hopefully inspire them so they might give it a try.


All photos (unless credited): Jason Wolcott

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