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Silver Rock 4 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Last year instead of my usual trip south, I decided instead to fly east for my winter trip in the sun. Having worked a season in Antigua a few years back, I knew the Caribbean was pretty reliable for wind and had heard plenty of good things about waves in Barbados so thought it was about time I had a look for myself.

Surfers point 3 - Kitesurfing Barbados

As Barbados sits out a bit further into the Atlantic than the other Caribbean Islands it catches any swell that’s going and is the first place to get hit by the Trade winds, hence the reason they are called the Windward Islands. This means that it is pretty much never flat and also one of the windier islands, catching the full force of the easterly trades.

The windy season runs from November to June when the wind generally blows between 15 – 25 knots. In April and May it is mainly only windy in the morning and the best waves on the south coast are from November to February. Hurricane season runs from July to November and this is the best time to catch world class surf on the east coast with large swells and offshore winds. However conditions are unpredictable at this time of year and you can have any type of weather, even a lot of rain.

Long beach 5 - Kitesurfing Barbados

All of the kiting and windsurfing is based on the south coast, which is cross shore or pretty close to it depending on the exact wind direction on the day. Here there are a few different spots with most of the action being around the Silver Sands area.

Surfers point 5 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Starting off with the furthest upwind spot you have Long Beach, which as it name suggests is the longest beach on the island. North East wind is side shore, so most of the time the wind is cross on. At the Eastern end are large cliffs which continue all the way around to the east coast so this is the first accessible spot. The middle of the beach provides fairly flat conditions due to a reef located about 1km offshore, acting as a barrier for the swell. This makes it the best learning spot, due to less shore break and smaller waves. One of the kite school's runs their lessons from here. Further west along the beach the shore break and waves get bigger due to no protection from the outer reef so is for more advanced riders due to a tricky entry/exit from the water. On low tides the wave can have fairly good shape for short quick rides and on higher tides with less wind, I found it the best spot for getting in and out on the Foil.

Long beach 1 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Long beach 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Long beach 4 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Long beach 6 - Kitesurfing Barbados

West of Long Beach is a big rocky section which then bends around into South Point, a beginners surfing spot on no wind days which is also a good kite/windsurf spot on windy days, with Easterly wind being side shore. The beach here is really small in front of Zeds surf school, so the best way to get to the action is to launch at Long Beach and ride downwind or come upwind from Silver Rock. On smaller days the best wave shape is at low tide which also has better wind as you are outside of the wind shadow from the point. On bigger days, I preferred the waves at high tide as they were a bit heavier and made for some nice ramps for jumping.

The next spot down is Silver Rock beach, home to Brian Talma’s DeAction beach shop and the most popular spot for kiters and windsurfers due to the ease of launching. Most of the riding here is on the reef approximately 800m out with the Easterly trades blowing side shore, with just a slight bit of onshore angle as the wave breaks down the reef.

Silver Rock 1 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Silver Rock 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

The waves here are great fun with low tide producing more punch and due to the reef being fairly long with several different sections to the wave it can handle a lot of people before it gets crowded, although I don’t think it ever gets that busy here. Due to the wave energy breaking over the reef, the inside is fairly choppy with some current that gets worse on higher tides. Some of the best conditions are early in the morning and last thing before dark as the wind tends to blow slightly more offshore and is always a little bit stronger than the middle of the day.

Silver Rock 3 - Kitesurfing Barbados

The next beach down is Silver Sands beach which is just the other side of the rock. This beach is smaller so mostly used as a safety beach to come in on if the wind drops or you cannot get back upwind to Silver Rock. After this the shoreline gets a bit rocky again for 2 km down to the Lighthouse which sits on top of a headland.

Silver sands 1 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Silver sands 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Silver sands 3 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Silver sands 4 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Around the corner nestled under the land is South Point which is an excellent surf spot that rarely gets flat and is sheltered from the wind. In fact the windier it is the bigger the waves are and if the wind is more from the NE can actually barrel. Predominantly a left, there are also a few shorter rights to be found on the right tide.

South point 1 - Kitesurfing BarbadosSouth point 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Further round the point is Freights which is an excellent beginner’s surf spot and when it’s big has surprisingly good shape lefts with the odd barrel. On good days you can score 150-200m rides!

Freights - Kitesurfing Barbados

As the bay curves round from Freights you come to Oistins. A larger town with good shops and on Friday and Saturday nights the famous Oistins Fish Fry, which is not to be missed and amazing value for some of the best fish and shrimps you will ever eat. East of the fish market there are several beaches which are good for kiting or windsurfing. The biggest being Casuarina Beach which is cross on in ESE wind and has flat water. Further along the south coast the beaches are fairly small with small little reefs nestled just offshore. If the wind is strong from the ESE then it is possible to kite at several different spots although launching is fairly tricky due to narrow beaches lined with palm trees and sun loungers. On big swells there are also several really good beginner surfing spots which are definitely worth a look and lots of nice bars and restaurants all the way along the coast to Bridgetown which are a great place to have a beer while watching the sunset.

Surfers point 1 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Driving around the West coast there are some amazing beaches and fancy hotels but the wind is offshore so no good for kiting. On large north swells there are a few surf spots which on their day can be very good. As you reach the top of the island you come to the North shore which is super consistent for wind and waves but with no real access. There are a couple of places where you can get in to surf but for kiting you need a boat.

The top of the island is made up of large cliffs so you have to come back down through the surprisingly hilly Scotland region which is full of large trees before you reach the east coast surf hub of Bathsheba. Here there are numerous good waves, the highlight being Soup Bowl which can handle any size and some onshore wind. No real access or spots to kite due to shallow reef, heavy waves and predominately onshore wind, but could be epic for kiting if conditions lined up one day?

Surfers point 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Barbados is an amazing place to go for a kite trip, best suited to wave riders on surfboards and is a great place to make your first step into waves. The whole island has a nice safe feel to it and the locals are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. The fact that there is consistent surf even when it’s windy is a massive plus, as well as amazing snorkelling which means that there is plenty to keep non-kiters entertained. The only downside is that things are fairly expensive with accommodation and hire cars costing more than in Europe or the US. Even food in the supermarket is more than at home due to most of it being imported. The exception to this is Rum which is cheap!

barbados map - Kitesurfing Barbados
The neighborhood

On this trip I took 9 & 7m North Neos, North Whip 5’9, Ketos Wave Hydrofoil and my 5’10 JP Fuse surfboard. The wind tends to drop off a little bit when the sun is overhead during the hottest time of day so is the perfect time to do something else, which for me was go foiling on high tides and surfing on low tides. With the sun setting at around 6pm and rising at 6am, the key to getting the best sessions is early nights and early mornings which leaves you plenty of time for three sessions a day when the waves are up.

North west 2 - Kitesurfing Barbados

Highlights of the trip for me were – Kiting and surfing with Turtles every day, Oistins Fish Fry on Fridays and Surfers Bar on Sundays, all of which should not be missed on any trip to Barbados.

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Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey

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