Kiting the Quirimbas

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In July 2014, Hope LeVin, Russel Reed, Jake Kinney, videographer Katy Garton and adventurer/photographer Seth Warren and I took a trip on a traditional-style dhow boat called Inshallah along a string of islands named the Quirimbas Archipelago, along Mozambique’s North Eastern coastline.

The concept was to use the Kuzi tradewinds to push us up north along deserted islands.

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The Quirimbas Archipelago is a seafaring highway, a mix of traveling fisherman sailing on small dug-out canoes fitted with outriggers and sails sewn from plastic laminated sacks. Traveling with very little other than a tightly wound ball of hand line, the fishermen would often paddle over to get a closer look and watched us kiting and exploring the reef and sandbars of the islands.

The best thing that happened on the trip was kiting at Kero Niuni. The main part of the island is shaped as an oval center, flanked by two long sandbars extending to the east and west. There is only a couple hundred people that live on the island and had never seen kiteboarding before.

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We had to rush to set up our equipment before the whole village came running at us, you couldnt even set up your lines beacuse there were people everywhere! Once we got out we kited along the tip of the sandbar where the whole village came together to watch the show. They screamed, laughed and there was a lot of “OOEEEHH AAAHHHH”!

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A session to never forget…


All photos: Seth Warren

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