Le Snowkite

Words by: Jason Blanchard describes how his new snowkite film got a fitting premier...

This year, I had the chance to present a Snowkite film on a big ice wall at the Film Festival in my town. I decided to make a 10 minute video to show people all the different aspects of Snowkiting and to explain why I do this sport.

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During the first presentation on the ice wall, it was really cool to see the reactions from the spectators who had never seen it before and they all wondered the same question: How can he do that?

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That’s why I love this sport and that’s why snowkiting is so amazing, because we use everything around us, such as wind and snow, and we just play with those elements. This is so addictive too, because we depend on Mother Nature. And this year we weren’t so lucky with that but I think I managed to make something good with what we had.

So I’m Jason Blanchard, I’m 19 years old and this is Le Snowkite!


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