Meet the “Legend” Mystic’s new Unibody Harness

mystic sharks - Meet the "Legend" Mystic's new Unibody Harness

The Mystic Legend will also be featured in the next issue of THE KITE MAG:

mystic legend 800x350 - Meet the "Legend" Mystic's new Unibody Harness

Brand new to the collection is the Legend harness. A super lightweight harness made out of a single layer, the Mystic Flymold. The Mystic R&D team developed a material with the ideal density to give perfect body grip with or without a wetsuit. Internally, the Mystic Flyweb makes sure that the force of the kite is evenly distributed over the Flymold, which preserves your energy so you can enjoy your session even longer. The Legend harness is a one of a kind harness, which combines simplicity together with a new construction method; a revolutionary step in kitesurfing.

mystic legend2 795x530 - Meet the "Legend" Mystic's new Unibody Harness

”We wanted to go harder, higher, faster. We wanted to break existing boundaries, be extreme, be the best in what we did.”

“We tested many different shapes, foam thicknesses, malleable attributes and durability to get the best outcome. I'm not joking when I say that we redesigned the whole harness several times. But it's so rewarding when something genuinely new comes to life.”

– Max Blom Jr. (Brand Manager Mystic)

mystic legendlayers 800x450 - Meet the "Legend" Mystic's new Unibody Harness

mystic sharks 795x530 - Meet the "Legend" Mystic's new Unibody Harness

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