Liquid Force 2016 – ECHO

liquid force 2016 echo - Liquid Force 2016 - ECHO

The 2016 Liquid Force Echo is Brandon Scheid's Pro Model, and is the result of a collaborative effort between himself and LF design wizard Jimmy Redmon. It's a great refelction of Brandon Scheid's style. Here's what he had to say to us about the new board…

G1802079 e1455900831209 - Liquid Force 2016 - ECHO

“The Echo is an aggressive riders high speed dream ride. The original idea behind the board, was to make a high performance board using the profiled wood core construction. We chose to work in this core as it offers us the lowest price point we can achieve with the most amount of tech. Essentially you get a bomber board and you don't have to drain your bank account.”

vincent bergeron 3566 e1455900744499 - Liquid Force 2016 - ECHO

“During the prototyping of this board we also able to developed a method to make curved channels in a board without using a CNC machine to cut the contours. This was a first for us at Liquid Force and we are beginning to use this process to help develop new amazing products. Specifically on the Echo we use this process to cut the quad fluted channels that exit out the tip. These curves help accelerate and clean out the water flow as it exits the tail, leading to a high speed and explosive ride. In addition to the tip channeling there is also a deep triple concave that runs through the middle of the board. This provides grip and helps trap air on landings, softening them. Combine these features with a bold outline and optimized rocker, your left with a fast, poppy, and forgiving ride.”

vincent bergeron 4778 e1455900760293 - Liquid Force 2016 - ECHO

“The best part is you don't need to be a wakestyle pro to enjoy the benefits of the Echo. The board rides amazing in foot straps, and intermediate riders will find it lively and crisp under their feet. All in all the board is amazing, I couldn't be more stoked to have a chance to work with Jimmy Redmon and Liquid Force to help design my dream ride. So get out there and feel the Echo for yourself…”

To find out more about the Echo, head here:

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