Light Wind Wonderlands

Words by: Chris Bobryk sings in praise of the cables as he prepares for the Triple-S

I have been been making a lot of good use of my 15 and 17m TS during my travels this year. Riding in the light conditions allows me to train different tricks that would be harder on a smaller kite. With a bigger kite, everything happens a little slower and you have more time to put a grab into tricks and try things you my not try in strong winds.

bobryk1 - Light Wind Wonderlands

bobryk2 - Light Wind Wonderlands

This day the wind only spiked for a few hours so there was plenty of time to continue riding elsewhere. Cable is the greatest way to cross train with laps on laps of consistent pull at the cable there is no way not to progress. The pull of the cable is so similar to a kite with the added benefit of someone else operating the cable, so you can focus your efforts on making that press.

IMG 7305 - Light Wind Wonderlands

With the consistent pull of the cable, progression comes much quicker and every hit is the same. With the Triple-S coming up (an all slider event) the cable is a great place to be. Never having to fight to get upwind is a major added bonus as well…


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