#LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!

l2kfeat - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!

So first off, this was the hardest decision yet. So many great entries of late, and when it came down to the pick there were differing opinions throughout the team. But with a concensus vote, we got there. Huge congratulations to @dinamiita with this image below, winning yourself a brand new Cabrinha ACE, which we'll arrange to get delivered to you as soon as you send us an address (we'll drop you a line through Instagram!).

Below, some of the runners' up, of whom many made it very close to the final call. A really spectacular crop of #LIVETOKITE images in this run. So keep on tagging – we'll be announcing the next prize very soon, and all entries in the meantime do count! Keep watch over at www.thekitemag.com/competition


Winner! Multi-tasking and all with a smile. Well done @dinamiita!

dinamiita - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


Selfie with a knowing smile, anticipating the fun to come. Great effort @emreich.

emreich - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


Enduring the elements for the love of the sport. Full respect @hanesthetize
hanesthetize - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


“Some just want to fly” – too true @radubaciu!

radubaciu - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


Pensive. We like, @ranja_sch!

ranja sch - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


Next gen! Smiles say it all. Thanks @saraaudelius.

saraaudelius - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


Epic shot from @shanealexander86. Just pipped as the winner…

shanealexander86 - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


…as was this one from @sickdogsurf. Another great capture of the vibe!

sickdogsurf - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!


#LIVETOKITE rolls on. New prize announced soon!

l2k - #LIVETOKITE Cabrinha ACE winner!

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