Lucas Arsenault: Behind 2015

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Ever since I began kiteboarding, I always dreamt and imagined myself traveling to all these amazing kite spots, enjoying every possible minute along the way. Now, after looking back at the last season, I can definitely say that I have lived the dream for the past eight months of my life.

All this began after finally graduating high school last February. I had an opportunity to finish one semester early which turned out perfectly to start working on a kiteboarding career. A few weeks later, I was fortunate enough to join the Cabrinha kiteboarding and NP surf team. From that moment, 2015 began for me. The ride started out in Cuba, along with a good buddy of mine. We got great winds, managed to make a quick edit and a four page article in the Stance kiteboarding magazine.

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From that, I went on a family vacation to the Turks and Caicos for two weeks of awesome kiteboarding. Then, the next adventure happened in Hatteras, North Carolina. The purpose of the trip was to get my instructors certification and attending the Triple S Open. Things didn’t go my way in the Open, but I still had an amazing time. After this, I was home for a little over a month.

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Next, I got a last minute opportunity to go to Hood River, Oregon to compete in the 2015 Bridge of the Gods. Things went my way and I ended up winning the men's open. I was very stoked to get this win under my belt after attending the event a few years in a row. After Hood River, my next big trip was to Squamish, BC, for the Canadian National. This event did not go my way. Unfortunately I ended with a frontside toe hook that led to a knock out. I was out with a concussion for a few weeks from that moment. I went home to relax and recover. I saved money for six weeks and actually managed to slip a weekend trip to the Maggies with the boys from home. Another good kite trip in the books.

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After all this, finally it was time to hit up Brazil. The trip was planned to be a month in Taiba to train and learn all the tricks I had in mind. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned. Five days in and I managed to break a rib. That immediately ended my trip. I booked an early flight home to heal which brings me to were I am now…

Currently, I just arrived back in the Turks and Caicos, working with Kiteprovo for the winter season. Still recovering from the last injury, I felt it was time to wrap up the past and start a new season for me. So that's where the video “2015” came in. Now that season is done for me. I’m starting fresh. Enjoy the short video I’ve put together called “2015”.

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