Mallory joins F-ONE!

Mallory F One 1 - Mallory joins F-ONE!

F-ONE have just announced the inclusion of Mallory de la Villemarqué into their international team. The Guadeloupe-born former European Junior and French champion will not only be riding for F-ONE and Manera, he'll also be working within the Spanish distribution, as well as being F-ONE's Spanish brand ambassador, developing ongoing customer and client relationships within the country. Here's what F-ONE have to say…

“After many years of competitions at the highest level, Mallory decided to become a coach by doing kitecamps all around the world and now he is beginning a new adventure by working with our Spanish distributor. We are really happy to welcome him in the team.”

And here's a little more from the new team member himself…

How long have you been kitesurfing for?
I’m doing kitesurfing since 2002.

What’s your favorite quiver?
The Acid 133×42 and the Bandit 10sqm.

What are your favorite spots?
I like Tarifa because it is such a varied spot with all kinds of conditions. For learning new freestyle tricks, I love Sri Lanka in winter and for wave riding the North Shore of Oahu is No1 forever!!

What’s a perfect session for you?
Perfect conditions, a beautiful spot (preferably warm), a few good friends to share with and to push each other, and good tricks stomped.

What is the craziest thing you ever did?
Riding in massive Waimea shorebreak with onshore and very light wind, when the lifeguards warned me that they wouldn't come save me if I had a problem. It was pretty stupid…

How long have you been coaching at kitecamps?
I started doing kitecamps 6 years ago. I really like to help people progress because it’s such a pleasure to see their evolution, when they learn new tricks and get out of the water with a huge smile! This is the perfect combo of work and pleasure. Besides, there is often a really good atmosphere in the kitecamps because everybody is there to relax, progress and enjoy an idyllic place.

What is your program for the 2014/2015 year?
I will be back living in Tarifa in April in order to work with the Spanish distributor of F-ONE. I will continue to do some kitecamps (, and I will also judge some stops of the PKRA.

How do you see your integration in the F-ONE team?
I hope that I will have fun with the team, participate to some shootings in order to push the brand and test gear to help F-ONE.

What is your biggest dream?
Living happy by doing my passion until the end!

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