My 4th trip to the desert

Words by: Nuno 'Stru' Figueiredo blogs on the background to his recent film, Meridian Playgrounds

Same place, same roads, same spots but always different adventures. This time I met two crazy Spanish guys, Javier and Natcho at Hotel Dakhla Attitude. They invited me to go for a Mauritania searching trip…

sofiacenario - My 4th trip to the desert

We spent 3 hours driving around, checking out mirages and camels until we found a really nice spot.

MG 0475 - My 4th trip to the desert

On the way to it went off-road, searching for a bay called ‘Cintra’, but the only thing we found was an area full of landmines! A member of the military came over to us and told us to turn around and keep on the main road…

DSC 0381 - My 4th trip to the desert

DSC 2730 - My 4th trip to the desert

In the end it all turned out just fine, with a nice session and a well spent 0.6€ cents per litre on gasoline!


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Unless credited, all photos: Sofia Guerreiro

DSC 2402 - My 4th trip to the desert

DSC 2406 - My 4th trip to the desert

G0232402 JR - My 4th trip to the desert
Photo: Nuno Figueiredo

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