My New Ride

Words by: Having recently signed on to the Cabrinha team, Sean Buell describes his summer....

I joined the Cabrinha team just as the windy season was coming to an end in the month of May. I was stoked on the new change, however the summers in Florida often feel long and undesirable for myself and wind addicts alike.

Front Tail - My New Ride

I typically enjoy traveling during this off-season, and there are so many great places for kiters to travel in the United States. It’s relatively easy and not too expensive. In a perfect world, I’d spend all of May and June in Cape Hatteras and July in Hood River, Oregon.

Sailboat2 - My New Ride

Although, my schedule kept me bound to my hometown near Tampa Bay, which really wasn’t so bad. My 15m Contra enabled me to ride more sessions than I previously imagined.

Darkslide - My New Ride

There are usually a few good morning and afternoon sea breezes every week, you just have to have a close eye on the forecast. I lived my life by Wind Alert for the majority of the summer and was lucky enough to stay on the water.

If it is an off week, there’s always Mccormick’s Cable Park which is located nearby.. I’ve been taking advantage and riding there pretty religiously as well.


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