Naish Launches Midseason Kite Range

2019 20KB Action Triad Drive DerekSproul frankiebees FBEE0858 LoRes 1440 RGB - Naish Launches Midseason Kite Range

Over the weekend, we heard from Naish about their new midseason launch…

The latest drop features evolved versions of the Boxer and the Dash, which have established themselves as two of the top kites for lightwind/foiling and freestyle/high-performance freestyle. However, they also unveiled their brand new kite too… the TRIAD!

“We wanted to revamp our entry level kite with something that people won’t soon grow out of. Enter the Triad, the right kite for 99% of the population (as an ode to Naish’s original kite campaign: The wrong sport for 99% of the population). The Triad makes getting out on the water easy and fun with forgiving performance while still maintaining the ability to keep seasoned kiters stoked on the water.”

Here, Robby Naish and designer Damien Girardin give some back story to the new kite, as well as explaining some of the key features that make it so unique…

For more on each of the new kites, including the brand new TRIAD, visit the links below:

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