Naish Team Europe is Back!

Naish Team Europe is back and ready to begin a new chapter. In the two years since establishing NTE, the riders have grown, not only in riding skills but also as athletes. Each team member has learned how to represent a brand professionally and what it takes to participate in competitions.

As members of Naish Team Europe, they will train alongside Naish International riders, who have the experience to help develop their skills as an aspiring professional athlete.

The original Naish Team Europe riders, Stig Hoefnagel, Tom Seager, and Cohan van Dijk have progressed to Naish International riders. With their advancement to the international team, Naish began their search for new talent, and they have found them.

Next to familiar Naish Team Europe faces:

Marius Sanchez (France)

img 8174 797x530 - Naish Team Europe is Back!

Jinne Boer (Netherlands)

Friday 23 10 2020 WSP 4436 795x530 - Naish Team Europe is Back!

Luca Payne (UK)

DSC03540 2 795x530 - Naish Team Europe is Back!

Naish has added three new athletes to their team. Introducing:
Adriano Gazzoli (Italy)
image00002 800x450 - Naish Team Europe is Back!
Arne Thiebaut (Belgium)
Arne NTE 3 795x530 - Naish Team Europe is Back!
Timo Boersema (The Netherlands)
timo portret 2 707x530 - Naish Team Europe is Back!

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