nerd tricks - Nerd Tricks

A nerd trick is a hooked-in, wake-style type maneuver that is normally done unhooked but instead doing it hooked in landing blind or wrapped. I like to do a few nerd tricks to warm up or work on a new grab that is difficult to reach unhooked.

chrisB1 - Nerd Tricks
Chris demonstrates his nerdy side with the Indie Tuck Knee

I probably do one or two nerd tricks between every big trick I go for in a session (sometimes it's all I do). You don’t have to keep it low (just don't dangle to much please), so try a few double, even triple grabs then send it to blind, it is a nerd trick after all. It is always fun learning new tricks and this is an easy way to learn a new trick every few sessions to keep you smiling… Chris Bobryk

Chris on fire in his latest edit loosed from Brazil…

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