All new SPEED4 Lotus range

Released in time to make the absolute most of the optimal autumn/winter wind season, FLYSURFER have just announced the release of the SPEED4 Lotus in 8.0 & 10.o metre sizes. Acknowledging a demand for a larger, faster kite, Flysurfer sent their R&D team back to the proverbial drawing board… and this is the result. A very serious couple of kites. Highlights as follows….

– Higher aspect ratio design of AR5.8 instead of AR4.8, producing more performance, lift and hangtime!
– More cells for even more rigidity, efficiency and less drag
– Completely re-worked canopy profiles
– Lotus kite cloth – lighter weight, water/stain repellent and extremely airtight
– Thinner but just as strong dyneema core flying lines for even less drag
– The old-school/airstyle/hangtime machine is now also a high-wind weapon of choice!
– Incredibly fast and efficient, and not only around a race course!

And as if to underline their capacity for performance with a wide-nibbed marker pen (metaphorically speaking), here’s Lolo doing what Lolo does very well indeed on the new SPEED4’s…

Speed4 Lotus Action 04 - All new SPEED4 Lotus range

Speed4 Lotus Action 07 - All new SPEED4 Lotus range

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