Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

DSC9457 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

Nobile will be revealing their new “Earth and Spaces” collection for 2016 in the flesh this weekend at St. Peter Ording, Germany. For those who can't make it, here's a look at the thinking behind the comprehensive new range and the interesting concept behind it…

All words: Nobile.

IMG 0445 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

The world of kiteboarding is changing in front of our eyes. After a decade of dynamic growth it enters the next, even more professional stage. It is visible in the level of kiteboarding industry, events organisation and infrastructure. The competitors’ and riders’ skill levels are becoming higher and higher, while the tricks are more powered and complicated than ever. It requires hard work from our engineers from the R&D department to be ahead of these changes and deliver the best products which suit each riding style. This is why Nobile is searching for innovations, best materials and technology at every stage of designing products.

The new 2016 “Earth and Spaces” collection is full of novelties. We believe it will meet all riders’ expectations…

D8I2616 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

The Concept
While creating boards for 2016, we had in mind not only the competitors, but all kiteboarders out there. Thinking about all the local heroes around the world, we re-shaped the NHP line and T5 boards and took them to the next level. These boards will help you get there too! In co-operation with our female riders we improved and extended the women's line by adding a 50/Fifty model dedicated to wakestyle riding.

Our splitboards line is a bestseller, but we didn’t stop improving it. Good news for all traveling by plane with their equipment: not only quivers are not needed, but also W-connection is even stronger and easier to connect. Just use our bags designed for traveling with splitboards and save some cash for nicer spending. We didn’t forget how important the connection between the rider and the board is, thus for 2016 we are introducing completely new, light and ergonomic IFS (Integrated Footpad System).

D8I4404 1 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

The new “Earth and Spaces” collection is modern and boasts an energy combined with style and elegance. An essence of the latest trends, created in accordance with the Nobile brand philosophy. The “Earth and Spaces” collection consists both of real pictures and visions full of fantasies. Take a look at the top of the Earth line – computer-processed satellite images of unique places, magnified on base in the form of picture’s pixels. The Spaces design is made of abstract geometrical forms and new spaces we are transferred into by the boards chosen in accordance with our predispositions.

D8I2080 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

The Earth line was created based on satellite images transformed graphically and simplified. In close-up, the elements creating the landscape seem to be an abstract picture. However, when we look at them from the distance, we have an impression of observing the world from the bird’s eye view. Then we recognize the image consisting of the pieces of our planet. We show it as seen from above.

Additional graphic elements define its individual character and purpose. The base of each board refers to a zoomed image and dynamic perspective change (during evolutions in the air just like in popular game.

D8I3658 - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

What are the “Spaces”? In our opinion these are the gates to new dimensions of emotions, fun, passions and extreme sensations. These are the new spaces we are transferred into by the boards chosen in accordance with our predispositions. Each board has different characteristics, depending on the purpose and the level of riding. The patterns used in this collection are properly adjusted to each board, in order to show their individual features. The illustrations of 3D worlds are made of minimalistic geometrical 3D elements. These spatial creations deftly balance on the edge between the reality and the abstraction.

The designer’s titbit is the fact that the 3D effect has not been achieved by the chiaroscuro but the flat, colorful, single-value color splashes. These are truly unique boards with modern and unusual design. There are no other boards like them.

intro foto spaces JR - Nobile Earth and Spaces Collection 2016

To see the entire 2016 Collection head to:

Film starring: Eudazio da Silva, Katarzyna Lange, Zuza Rusiecka, Justyna Sierpińska, Jose Luengo, Maciej Lewandowski, Jan Szlagowski

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