Nocher joins F-ONE/Manera!

F ONE team foil maxime nocher 1200 1 - Nocher joins F-ONE/Manera!

F-ONE have just announced that Maxime Nocher has joined the F-ONE/MANERA international team. Maxime has been riding since 2006, and foiling from 2009. The long list of titles and awards this man has already achieved is certainly impressive… in fact, we measured it here in TheKiteMag office, and it's longer on paper than the baguette we had for lunch. Awesome. Here he is in his own words…

How long have you been kitesurfing?
I’ve been kitesurfing since 2006.

What’s a perfect session for you?
A perfect session is a good flat spot with 10 knots of wind and a beautiful sunshine!

What is the craziest thing you ever did?
I made a long crossing in 3 meter swell on my foil with sharks and killer whales. It was completely crazy!

Where’s your favorite spot and why?
My home spot Fréjus, it's where I learned to kite and where I can train every weekend.

What is your program this year?
I will participate in the World Foil Cup and in the European Foil Championship. I will do the World and European Race and the French Foil, Race and Speed Crossing Championship.

Find out more about Maxime over on the F-ONE website:

F ONE team foil maxime nocher mitu convertible - Nocher joins F-ONE/Manera!

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