North boosts Design Team horse power

North have added some new banging kite designers, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with. Meet the new team, below…

At North, we’re on a mission to become market leaders in all categories, and we aspire to change the way we ride. The past three years have been a time of exceptional innovation and growth for the Brand. As a response, we are proud to announce the strengthening of our kick-ass Design / R&D team with the addition of three new faces: Dano See, Pepijn Smit and Steve Calder.

north3 2 795x530 - North boosts Design Team horse power

“Innovation never stops. I’m driven by the wind and inspired by the unknown – by what could be possible.”

 – Dano See. Wing and Kite Design.

north2 2 795x530 - North boosts Design Team horse power

“Whether a big idea or a slight improvement, it’s all about challenging conventional thinking.”

 – Pepijn Smit. Kite Design.

north1 2 795x530 - North boosts Design Team horse power
“Whether it’s a race or simply scoring a fun session, everyone appreciates good performance. I know I do.”

 – Steve Calder. Wing & Kite R&D.

Dano, Pep and Steve are joined by David Little (Materials Development) who came on board in late 2020.

Brand Director Mike Raper says: “New designs, new materials, and the addition of an exciting new wingfoil range, has meant we needed more horsepower, investment in R&D and investment in the right people.

“In bringing this team together, we diversify our experience and increase our collective knowledge. When the design knowledge is shared, ideas are transplanted – and that’s what creates the magic. As Ryunosuke Satoro put it: “Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

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