North Dice 2016 product clip

North1 - North Dice 2016 product clip

Having worked closely with the head designer, Tom Court introduces the new 2016 Dice, and the changes that make this an excellent multi-style kite…

“The launch of the Dice started a new era in the age of three strut kites. A C-performance oriented concept with three struts for advanced kitesurfers, who want the best out of two worlds: Freestyle and Waveriding.”

North 2 - North Dice 2016 product clip

“The newest generation of the Dice is the most progressive three strut kite on the market, offering everything you need for progressive freestyle and wave riding. It´s not just a coincidence it´s the favorite choice of the hardcore wakestyler Tom Court, but also of Matchu Lopes, one of the best wave riders in the world. Try yours now and you´ll be convinced.”

Check out TheKiteMag test of the Dice 2016 just here:

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