PEAK2 – no matter land or snow, instantly ready to go!

peak2 no matter land or snow ins - PEAK2 - no matter land or snow, instantly ready to go!

Flysurfer's V2 of their single skin ‘PEAK' model boasts plenty of refinements…

“Flysurfer built the PEAK, the first usable Single-Skin technology kite in our sport, and developed it into a serial product. Its fanbase rapidly grew, thanks to its versatility, its low-end power and the unmatched launching and landing possibilities that excited every user.

On the PEAK2, we have improved the overall performance without compromising on safety or stability. With a higher-aspect ratio, a thinner airfoil and a reduced bridle system, the up-wind and jumping performances have become super-easy. PEAK2 has a faster turning speed and solid grunt, which enhances an even better free-ride experience. Anyone who believes Single-Skin kites aren't meant for freestyle is wrong. The new PEAK2 is an unhooked machine and its ability to slacken the lines during jumps is perfect for highly technical tricks.

The PEAK2 with its Single-Skin kite technology ensures the highest safety standards. It comes with an Infinity 3.0 control bar and Infinity 2.0 quick release, flying lines, a front-line safety system (FLS) and Flysurfer’s 12-month free repair warranty service. The PEAK2 is your ultra-lightweight fun cruiser.

Because of its small and light pack size, you can take it anywhere. There’s no pre-filling or pumping necessary, simply go wherever you want… The PEAK2 is available in sizes: 4.0m2, 6.0m2 (new colors), 9.0m2 (new colors) and 12.0m2.” – Flysurfer

More information on the PEAK2:

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