Prolimit introduce their new wetsuits and harnesses

Screenshot 2022 07 05 at 16.53.09 1 - Prolimit introduce their new wetsuits and harnesses

Check out the new summer collection from Prolimit!

Shorty season has started

We are proud to release our new wetsuit summer range. We have a wide selection of new summer shorties like the Flare, Fire and Edge series for women. The well-known Fire Sleeveless Shorty 2/2 and Swimsuit 2/2 are perfect for the hot summer destinations and our Sunset shorties are great for the evening sessions or if you want more protection. The ‘22 range are available in blue/ grey, light blue, wine/ navy this summer.

For men we are releasing the Mercury, Fusion and Predator series. New in the Predator range is the steamer freezip 3/4 leg, which is available in blue and matches perfectly with our Predator impact vest (full and half padded).

The all new wingsurf harness Drift

The new Drift harness is a lightweight thermoform molded waist harness specifically made for wingsurfing. Using a wing harness will have you ride longer and more efficiently. The harness has a single glasfibre reinforced sliding hook, so you can easily slide your hook out of the way when you’re not using it. The material of the hook ensures that the board will not damaged. The harness contains a D-ring attachment for a board and wingleash which makes it easier for you balance.

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