Red Bull Kite Farm 2015

Red Bull Kite Farm to debut in Regina, Canada

Registration is now open for the first-ever North American endurance snow kite event, to be held just a few minutes northwest of Regina in Saskatchewan territory, Canada – a place that promises optimum conditions for a challenging contest…

The 50km endurance race (10 laps at 5km per lap) is scheduled for Saturday February 14th, 2015, and registration (as well as further information on the evnt) is available from
The winners in both the ski and snowboard divisions win an all-expenses paid trip to Norway, to represent North America at the Red Bull Ragnarok in April 2015.

To keep up to date with Red Bull Kite Farm happenings, search the tag #KiteFarm and follow @RedBullCanada on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

time to clip in - Red Bull Kite Farm 2015
This image: © Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool
Feature image (top): © Mats Grimsæth / Red Bull Content Pool

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