Red Bull x Dirty Habits pre-KotA party

Beer bongs, Red Bulls, baseball bats, rubber hammers and Minnie Mouse ears…
With Cape Town finally delivering some wind this week, yesterday the announcement was made that the Red Bull King of the Air will run on Wednesday and Thursday consecutively. Dirty Habits and Red Bull hosted a pre-party at the Dirty Habits Playground (2.0 cable park) at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville.

2m8a4259 - Red Bull x Dirty Habits pre-KotA party

Most of the riders came out to have a go on the 2.0 before the contest starts. A few of the riders hit the cable with cheers and groans from the crowd. Then Ruben arrives with a bag full of party tricks and rubber hammers. Cue the rubber hammer attack antics and Red Bull can baseball bat smashing.

With Ruben then taking over the decks, Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes decided to double load on the cable with wake skates, a windsurf board and a beer bong. And then the party really started…

Bianca Asher

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