renegade 13 ltd 5g - RENEGADE 13 LTD 5G

Epic introduce the fifth generation of their all rounder kite…

“If you are looking for an all around kite then the RENEGADE 13 Limited Edition kite proved to be quite popular for riders looking for a kite that does everything very good. TheRenegade 13 LTD delivers rock solid stability, precise and quick steering allowing you to focus on your riding or nailing that trick rather than worry about the kite. The Renegade 13 LTD provides consistent positional feedback and is a forgiving kite making it ideal for progressing riders and schools alike. The advanced rider will love the drift, explosive pop and unhooked opportunities making it the perfect kite for all styles and disciplines.

“In addition to adding some impressive lift, hang time and turning speed, we’ve also added our new Speed Valve system that uses a large inflate/deflate nozzle as well as an additional valve to ease pressure in the event of a massive crash, preventing LE blowout. With some creative tweaking, this powerhouse has some impressive upwind capabilities. Not only can you take the Renegade 13LTD anywhere, and ride anything, you can now boost all day, and jam back upwind. If you’ve appreciated the ease of use and functionality in the previous Renegade, you will be head over heals with the significant improvements and stunning graphics of this generation. Our Renegade 5G 13 LTD features the Limited Edition 5G graphics and comes only in one color – best looking kite on the beach!”

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