RRD Foil Innovations

Find out a little more about the new foil innovations from RRD


Propel through the water with this new multifunctional directional kiteboarding hydrofoil / skim board. The RRD Squid was designed with freeriding in mind. It is extremely maneuverable and provides the rider with constant feedback and control due to the light and stiff construction.

The quad concave not only gives the board grip as a skim board, but it also provides more rigidity, thus improving the overall stiffness. These four channels, coupled with a moderate nose rocker, allow the board to drive forward and upward on touchdowns with the foil.

Take foiling to the next level, travel with ease, and be prepared because light wind will be no concern with the new RRD Squid multi-purpose hydrofoil skimboard.

Watch the Squid in action:



The SH-flight foil is the new tool to enter the windless and light wind foil dimension.

Using the SH-flight foil you will learn a new way to ride the ocean using a type of motion that was unexplored until today.

The combination of a short mast of only 60 cms of height and a moderate long fuselage of 76 cm, create the base of the right balance of this modern hydrofoil designed to work at low speed.

The new SH-flight foil is delivered with a hull flat plate to be used on US boxes slots that allow precise micrometric trim options for your sessions.

Welcome to the future of riding the ocean!

Watch the SH-Flight in action:


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