Sirens of the Desert

SIRENS OF THE DESERT  – Dakhla Attitude, Morocco
2nd – 9th March 2018
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For the fourth year in a row Hotel Dakhla Attitude is hosting the Sirens of the desert the event to encourage women to take part in the world of water sports.

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Special offers during the event:

  • 50% on all kite, windsurf, surf and wake courses for the girls

  • 50% on all rentals for the girls

  • No station fee for girls.

Beside special deals, the event will consist of activities and special events like:

  • Kitesurfing: Session in our fantastic main spot and at the unique speed spot (always with assistance and security boat). Wave kitesurfing excursion to Oum Labouir (Atlantic coast of Dakhla).

  • Kite downwind to the white dune & SUP downwind to the Dragon Island

  • Morning yoga and stretching sessions

  • Spa – Free hammam for each participant.

  • Going Arabic: Henna tattoos, traditional moroccan make up sessions & picture sessions with typical moroccan outfits.

  • Cable park sessions: Beginners to advanced sessions with coaching and special cable wake night sessions at Dakhla Attitude cable park.

  • Speed challenge: Free entry for each participant into Dakhla Attitude Speed Challenge.

  • Excursions: Dragon island, desert excursion, and thermal source of Asnaa, Extra activities: Kayak, slack line, indo board, wakeboarding and much more…

  • Extra events: Pink flaming bar party, bone fire, live music.

  • *One activity per day

A pass for Sirens of the Desert is 60€ and it includes all of the above special deals and one activity per day.

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