SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

MG 2170 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

Imagine waking up in a 5 star luxury safari tent, overlooking a magnificent, aquamarine bay…

Breakfast on the patio, view of the beach and beyond to the crystal clear waters…  Windy, uncrowded, super safe with mini-wave and butter-flat sections.. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what awaits at Keros beach, on Limnos Island, Greece.

tents outdoor 51 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

Keros is a vast, sandy beach with turquoise, shallow waters, blessed with the Meltemi winds. There's a magic flat section on the north side of the beach, a bump and jump section in the middle, and small but workable waves on the south end. And it's generally empty… 
Even in high season, there are maximum of 50 riders on the beach, and the beach is 3km wide, so it's safe to say you'll get as much space as you need or want!

The Conditions
Limnos is an average wind spot, with the Meltemi winds normally blowing between force 4-6. Some days can be flat, but equally some days can be super strong, as are most of the Greek islands. You should expect to use kites between 8-11m.

The coolest part is the beach morphology, offering completely flat sections and a mini-wave spot on the same beach.
 And for those big wave fans, the island features one of the best wave spots in Greece – Gomati. It is mostly a winter spot though, so chances to catch it are better if you visit either early or late in the season.

DS 2315 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

The Island
Far removed from mass tourism, Limnos resides in the North-Eastern region of the Aegean Sea, offering deserted beaches (more than 100), idyllic small villages, archaeological sites and abundant nature reserves. Located where the Meltemi wind starts it’s journey over the Greek islands, Limnos was, in ancient times, referred to as ‘Anemoessa’, which means ‘windy island'.

What makes the island so attractive is the unspoilt terrain and the native residents. On Limnos you can see Greece as it was 30-50 years ago. The local wine and cusine, the unspoilt landscapes and the picturesque beaches, will make you want to stay forever…


Keros bay is set within an environmentally protected area. The scenery is unique: sand dunes, salt lakes with flamingos and isolated beaches full of small shells can often make you feel that you're not in Greece or even Europe at all, but on some completely different continent…

IMG 42941 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

The Beach and the School

The beach is sandy, the waters are turquoise and crystal clear, and the wide bay means it's super safe. In the middle of the bay you'll find Surf Club Keros, a kitesurfing and windsurfing school that was created by riders for riders, so the vibes are mellow and the smiles are wide…

In regards to equipment, you can try out brand new gear from 2015 industry leaders such as Cabrinha kites and kiteboards, Neil Pryde sails and JP Australia boards.

The Extra Activities

Surfing, mountain biking, yoga for Surfers, Thai and sports massages, beach volleyball, sailing… you name it! Sign up for their all-sports program and participate in up to two activities per day. And for those that love excursions, Surf Club Keros also offer island tours.

IMG 2073 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

Being within an environmentally-protected area means that there are no big buildings around Keros, hence no hotels or studios by the beach. But if you're into ‘glamping', then you can stay at in one of the luxury safari tents at Surf Camp Keros, located on the hill besides the bay, combining the feeling of camping with the luxury of a hotel room.

The tents are very spacious (25sqm for the double and 35sqm for the jumbo tents) and feature wood decking, high quality furnishing, a bathroom, shower and a plasma TV. But the best part of staying there is the view you get every morning when you wake up (or whilst eating breakfast in bed!).

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If you're on a budget, you can still get the same cozy feeling but with a more basic style in the mini-safari tents! Comfy bed, basic furnishing, electricity, and WC and showers nearby. One for the nature lovers only!

Brand new for Surf Club Keros in 2015 are the modern and fully equipped studio apartments in nearby Kalliopi – word is that this is the best accommodation option in the area and just 3km from Keros beach! Drop them an email to find out more (address below).

IMG 0388 - SPOT CHECK: Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island

The Traveling

Flights: You can fly to Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG) and take a domestic flight to Limnos (LXS) (try or Astra Airlines)
Charter flights: NEW for 2015 there is a charter flight from Poland to Limnos.
From the beginning of May till the end of October, there is a Thomas Cook direct flight from London.
Ferries: There is a daily ferry from Kavala to Limnos.

For further information and directions:
Email: [email protected]

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