Tarifa Pit Stop

G0142084 - Tarifa Pit Stop

Tarifa, the ultimate European kiteboarding destination and the chosen spot for many pro kiteboarders every winter. Once again I jumped on a short flight from Barcelona to spend my time in Tarifa as it’s the spot to be in between events to get your ride on and hang out with your friends.

IMG 0180 - Tarifa Pit Stop

As always I was frothing to ride with my local friends and so were they, but this time I had to be the guy behind the camera as I was a bit sick during my first few days there. It’s really cool to be a photographer for a bit and watch everyone ride, it gets you even more stoked to ride on the days that follow.

IMG 0100 - Tarifa Pit Stop

My first session there was the day after, pretty much everyone was there so the spot was packed, but luckily we all know how to deal with crowded spots and by turns we all had our moments of glory by throwing our best tricks.

IMG 0754 - Tarifa Pit Stop

I think we all put ourselves under pressure when you have someone else waiting to go for their trick after you and so we all push it a little more and more… In the end, these are the best sessions!

Looking forward for the next session with the boys! Peace from Tarifa.



G0021765 - Tarifa Pit Stop

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