Thankyou Real Watersports

thankyou real watersports - Thankyou Real Watersports

Some words from Colleen Carroll about one of the most iconic events in kiteboarding history.

“The Triple-S Invitational was more than just the best kiteboarding contest I ever attended.  It forged a bond amongst the participants and gave them a common goal to strive for all year long.  It was one of my main motivators for breaking into the competitive scene and introduced me to a community that would help guide my direction throughout my kiteboarding career.  Real Watersports recently announced that 2019 would be the end of it’s 14 year reign as the most prestigious kiteboarding contest in North America.  This video was shot during the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S and aims to share with the audience what the event was to me as well as those riders who made it something more than just a competition.”

Colleen Carroll

Edit by Vincent Bergeron


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