F-ONE Kitefoil released

F ONE team Alex caizergues lagoon 7185 - F-ONE Kitefoil released

F-ONE have today released the full details of their new kitefoil. Accessible, progressive, tested to the hilt and with construction led by the company's own in-house naval architect, we've no doubt this is a solid piece of kit. Here's the new foil in their own words…

“The F-ONE foils are produced in France with many advanced technologies. We are using the ‘Pre-preg'- the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin by its manufacturer; this guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the highest quality process available”

F ONE team Alex caizergues lagoon - F-ONE Kitefoil released
F-ONE Team Rider Alex Caizergues getting full foil kicks…

“Other pieces are made with a new technology which is the ‘Forged Carbon'. This technology takes advantage of the same principles as standard Pre-preg but uses a different type of fiber which is better suited to mold small parts with complex shapes. It allows us to build smaller sized parts with high accuracy and that are very reliable. F-ONE kitefoils are equipped with the fully conical KFBOX, which is compatible with all F-ONE and KETOS foils.”

F ONE foil underwater - F-ONE Kitefoil released

“For the conception of this foil, we developed and patented a brand new concept for the assembly of the mast, fuselage and wings because this is a critical aspect of the kitefoil. It drives the reliability and ease of use for assembling and taking the foil apart for transportation, as much as the repeatability of the trim between the front and rear wings. The main benefit of the system is the one and only screw that maintains all the parts together: mast, fuselage, front wing and stabilizer. An uncontestable advantage!”

F ONE team Maxime nocher foilkite south africa - F-ONE Kitefoil released
Maxime Nocher, cruising above the chop in South Africa

For further details on the foil patent, the technology behind the product and more, check out: http://kitefoil-2015-en.f-onekites.com

F-ONE website: http://www.f-onekites.com

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