The new water sports job finder is now online!

The Association of Wind and Water Sports Industries (AWSI) is excited to announce a NEW water sports specific Job Finder. This is an all new worldwide online tool where jobs can be posted by Manufacturers (Brands), Retailers, Schools and more.  It is a place where job seekers can find jobs within water sports industries.

 We are inviting most all water sports industries to use this tool and, as we grow we can add more.

Current job Categories are:  Windsurfing*Kiteboarding*SUP *Surfing* Wakeboarding* Waterskiing* Kayaking*Boating* Rafting

The AWSI is leading the way but we need help from all parties to ensure this tool is successful and, that it continues to grow.

We would like to invite you to post jobs at our Job Finder for FREE until June 1.  After that it will only cost $20.00 per post.  If you are an AWSI member all postings will be free, always. is simple to use, affordable and specific to water sports.

Our goal is the help job seekers and employers to find the right fit.

Go check it out explore all the water sports opportunities that are available!

AWSI Job Board FullPage - The new water sports job finder is now online!

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