Tricktionary: Twintip Supreme Edition

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Last minute Christmas gift idea needed?

We might just have the answer… it's a book we always have on hand here in the office (although it's occasionally “borrowed” by members of staff) and it's a great referral tool whether we're in the mood to try something new or just want to dip in and brush up on our weather-reading wisdom!

Philipp Zach Kitelooping - Tricktionary: Twintip Supreme Edition

At 424 pages thick and comprehensive TO THE MAX, the hardcover Twintip Supreme Edition of Tricktionary – created by Michael Rossmeier and representing the knowledge and experience of authors Julian Hosp and Thomas Burblies – is full to the brim of tricks and tips for all levels of rider, whether you’re a beginner with no experience whatsoever, or a professional looking to enhance current tricks or work on a new one.

Complimented throughout by glossy photos of the pros showing you exactly how it's done, each trick features a step by step run through of setting it up and throwing it down, with all movements required to make it happen described in great detail. A few example pages below…

  • superbasics towing tangled - Tricktionary: Twintip Supreme Edition

Tricktionary certainly has an extensive range of tricks covered too, and these are separated into three main categories, so that you can quickly find the level of riding to suit:

Superbasics – This section is built as a reference for schools and for teaching, providing advanced kiteboarding techniques for all riding levels and styles.

Airstyle – Also known as Oldschool, this predominantly covers hooked-in jumping, flying and sliding.

Newschool – Also known as Wakestyle, this section contains unhooked moves, starting with Raileys and Rolls right through to very complex handle passes.

Super accessible with color-labelled pages for easy reference, the book is also available in six different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian.

To purchase the Supreme Twintip Edition of Tricktionary, visit the website here:

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