What do you believe in?

harness mari 2 - What do you believe in?

Three months ago, I planned to report about the experience we had on our last girls week with mindful yoga and kiteboarding here in Roatán (remember my last post about kiteboarding combined with the yoga retreat?). Well, we did it and it was of course a fabulous week with fantastic learning and so much wind!

The girls - What do you believe in?

I could write a lot about it but the truth is slightly different. What’s coming to my mind is not how many huge jumps or asanas the girls did but simply what we realized. And here it is: what you really believe in is the key to what and how you end up living your life. Period. That’s it.

As for me, I sincerely believe in kitesurfing (the most complete contact with nature and with ourselves that we can experience) and the magic of yoga (“union”). That's what I've done for the past decade and that's how I've ended up smiling pretty much everyday since then.

harness mari 100k - What do you believe in?

If it’s kiting well we must go on and do it, share it, cherish it, practice it and talk about it. If it’s to get our own coffee shop, well same thing… go out and give some coffee to friends, perfect your technique and talk about it… We just always have to dare to become what we already are.

Because life changes all the time, even when things come along to test us, if we keep believing and trusting in the path it soon clears off again. That’s what we call discipline. Yes, it is also part of kitesurfing (like any other thing) if we want to go deeper than the first layer.

No matter how we feel, we have to keep doing it (what we believe in). Keep going back to our kiteboarding or our yoga mat and the light eventually shines again and we find ourselves somewhere even deeper-bigger-stronger and more powerful (for example, living the lifestyle we dream about).

diner time  sunset local food - What do you believe in?

Finally, my question would be: what is it that we really believe in?

I believe this text is not all about me. I believe more than anything else it’s also about you. About every single person, because we all inspire each other (sometimes without realizing it).

The girl who passionately made the heart on my cappuccino “mousse” inspired me, my boyfriend who’s playing so naturally with our baby pushes me to be a better person, my neighbor who’s always smiling actually brings me support and my good friend Philipp Zach who's always kiting no matter what renews my creativity in the sport every time.

IMG 0991 - What do you believe in?
Photo: Odeta Vaitkunas

We are all part of it. We must keep doing what we believe in, every day, every second. That’s our only responsibility. This is how life moves from an ordinary one into a journey filled with sense.

Sense; knowing that what we are doing is right, this is what brings Peace.

What else would we want than Peace?


Mlou helene  - What do you believe in?

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