Where the Wind Blows ~ Lindsay McClure ‘Select’: background stories

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I'm here to present the final ‘Select' from the second Where the Wind Blows season. As my friends have already released their segments, I have the opportunity to write about facets of this project that have yet to be told.

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First off, props to our powerhouse production team of Jen Jones and Wiley Watson. The dream for this series was realized by the fabulous photographer, designer, and all-around master of digi-tal arts, Jen Jones. Jen has one of the brightest smiles the world has ever seen. She injects love and positivity into everything she touches.

When Jen approached me with her idea for this project, I was honored. Her eyes saw boundless potential in our group of ladies, and in the project as a whole.

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Let us not forget about Mr. Wiley Watson, the shy guy behind the lens. The fact that Wiley was convinced to apply his talents to shooting us ladies is somewhat remarkable. If you aren't famil-iar with his production company, Red Tide Productions, be sure to check out his beautiful work that focuses primarily on dirt biking and motor sports. A special nod to Wiley's patience in deal-ing with our excitable and emotional clique.

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And finally, about my select. My life has been wrapped up in World Class Kiteboard Academy, a roaring hurricane of a program, since its inception two years ago. Working with WCKA is rewarding, and also time-consuming. We are running an accredited college-preparatory high school for junior kiteboarders.

The program travels worldwide to the best training destinations while hauling staff, students, and equipment- allowing us to pop-up at each location with every-thing we need to eat, sleep, learn, and kite. Life with WCKA, globetrotting with 14 young ladies and gentlemen, is entertaining and unpredictable. This phase of my life has allowed me to see the world while working, kiting my brains out, and staying up-to-speed on all the latest teenage trends.

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My roles in the program include: Literature Teacher, Media Productions Teacher, Kiteboarding Coach, Budget Director, and Program Director. My responsibilities have kept me busy enough that, even with a Journalism Degree from the University of Denver, I haven't found the energy to share our unique stories with the world. So here, through the creative filter of the Moxy Team, I'm excited to share a glimpse into my daily life with World Class Kiteboard Academy…



Photos: Jen Jones
Film: Jen Jones & Wiley Watson

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