Winter Wild

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Experiencing the crazy snowstorms is an attraction itself at Haukeliseter mountain resort. The wind is howling. The storm has left heavy portions of snow and no one can spot their cars or any of the buildings outside. Everything is white.

Dressed up in full winter clothing and goggles, two girls are ready to walk over to the main building, 15 meters away. The wind is whipping snow into their mouths as they try to breathe and they have to walk backwards. They try to fight against the strong, stormy gusts to avoid falling.

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In wild nature
Haukeliseter mountain resort sits at 1000 meters above sea level. We are surrounded by majestic mountains, and the conditions are perfect for for cross-country skiing, dog sledge tours, alpine/downhill, snowkiting and ice climbing during winter. This has been my winter home for five seasons.

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Girls with guts
This weekend I arranged a Girlcamp with snowkite lessons at different levels. Over 30 girls gathered on Friday evening, knowing the storm “Ole” was about to take over the action in the Norwegian mountains. The Bureau of Meteorology had warned everyone about the extreme weather and gave people the advice to stay at home.

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It was quiet before the storm: a beautiful sunset, full moon and night kiting in front of our doorstep. When we woke up the next morning the wind was ON with gusts up to 50 knots, and everything was white. I pumped up a kite outside and decided to continue with indoor kite lessons. The lessons soon continued with drinks, a stormy photo-shoot, sauna and a tasty 3-course meal.

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The girls were well prepared for a long day on Sunday. It was still stormy, but this time we considered that it was ok to go outside. I just have one sentence to describe this weekend: Norwegian girls have guts! Lots of kiting on Sunday and lots of fun, despite rough weather and hardly any vision at all.

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The feeling of snow
We are a big group of outdoor enthusiasts living and working together at Haukeliseter. The conditions for snowboarding and snowkiting are amazing: big mountains that offer plenty of rides in good powder surround us. “Ståvatn”, a mountain lake covered with ice and snow, is part of our huge playing field. It offers plenty of space to snowkite and to teach snowkiting.

Kiting on snow is a different experience than on water. You can explore the mountains and use your kite to reach the top. The natural terrain creates kickers, rails and hills to play with. Remember to eat, drink and rest – because it is easy to forget about the time on good days!

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Wilderness Spa
Relaxing in the outdoor hot-tub after a long day with activities, and watch the sun set behind the mountains, is an incredible feeling: sharing a couple of beers with good friends and listening to the stories from that day, hiking in the mountains or kiting.

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Haukeliseter is only between three and five hours away from all major cities in southern Norway. Road E134 between Oslo and Bergen/Stavanger passes right behind the resort, and the bus stops in front of the entrance.

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