Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Starting with the 13m2 - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Whilst planning their wedding, Jurre (31) and Suus (32) suddenly decided to change course – to sell everything, refit a sailboat (called Yndeleau) and sail the world instead, discovering the most amazing and remote kitespots with their own ‘house’, and working remotely to keep the dream alive! They are no professional kitesurfers, and unfortunately for them, no trust fund or self-made millionaires either. But… they are living their dream. TheKiteMag follows their journey.

“Did you bring mosquito repellent?” Suus asks me. I mumble a negative answer while trying desperately to kill three mosquitoes at the same time. We are being attacked while walking to a spot that should normally be accessible by one road, an almost secret road. We arrived in Curacao three weeks ago and, with all the gear on my back, we are hiking through the forest to prove wrong someone who said that the spot would be inaccessible because it had rained a lot. We have not driven for an hour to the other side of the island, just to go back without at least pumping my kite! At times, the wind is howling through the forest and blowing the mosquitos away. But as we round the next corner the wind is gone, and we are attacked by the biters yet again.

Three months earlier, we were still kiting in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The hurricane season was not yet at its end, and we had enjoyed the few days of good wind to the fullest. “Jur, can you come?” I heard Suus asking from the bathroom. Though it was early and I was still in bed I jumped up. “I think it is positive,” Suus said. I felt scared and overwhelmed, but it was mostly pure happiness when I saw the two lines. I read the leaflet three more times and the news started to sink in – we would be gaining a third crew member and a young waterwoman or man – Suus is pregnant!

We are expecting a third crewmember - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

We are expecting a third crewmember.

That is why I am currently walking with all my gear on my back. We are not sharing sizes today – Suus cannot kite anymore. The pressure from the harness on her belly is too much, and the risk of an injury is just too high. Feeling annoyed by the mosquitos and the fact that she will definitely not get a kite session as a reward, Suus sighs when she gets bitten again. Just when we think we should start running, we see the spot. Mud will make it a difficult entrance, but I can just walk in. It is blowing strongly and the windsock above the pallets that are used as benches is blowing horizontally. A muddy entrance but with flat water and beautiful mountains all around – this is going to be an epic session. This is the third spot of Curacao. Next to Sint Joris Baai you can take a boat upwind to Klein Curacao, an island 15 miles out of Curacao. But at the mainland there is also this place. We have arrived at St. Willibrordus or Williwood as the locals say.

I pump up the 13m, to ensure I have a good session, but when I finally make it to the water, after a slippery entrance and fully depowered, I decide to change to my 10m! Gusty wind welcomes me back on the water, but when it picks up more, I am happy I changed to the 10m. I am totally alone on the almost butter-flat water. Crazy how satisfying kiting can be – we hiked 40 minutes to the spot and it is totally worth it. I decide to start my kiteloop training but when I crash hard, I remember that there is nobody around. Let’s try that again next time, with at least an accessible road to the spot.

A sitting area is build with old pallets - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

A sitting area is build with old pallets.

Starting with the 13m2 1 - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Starting with the 13m2-1.

Changing to a 10m - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Changing to a 10m.

Sint Joris Baai is the main kitespot with more crowd - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Sint Joris Baai is the main kitespot with more crowd.

Finishing the wind at the main spot St. Jorisbaai - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Finishing the wind at the main spot, St. Jorisbaai.

Suus is not allowed to kite for a while - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Suus is not allowed to kite for a while.

There are no facilities at Williwood luckily we brought our own after kite snack - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

There are no facilities at Williwood, luckily we brought our own after kite snack.

Totally alone at an awesome spot Willewood - Yndeleau EP 05: Curacao

Totally alone at an awesome spot, Williewood.

Words: Jurre Witte

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