Airush introduce Freefoil

Airush freefoil - Airush introduce Freefoil

Foiling is now more diverse and fun than ever before. The Airush foil board range takes you through a freeride journey from the wave-oriented Mini Monster Convert and Slayer ranges, through the versatile Foil Skates‘ to the high-performance Team Foil board.

All of these are powered by the next generation of the legendary Ultra kite, now lighter, more responsive, and more refined than ever before. The final connection is our hydrofoil collaboration with AK Durable Supply Co., providing a modular foil platform to get you floating on a cloud of freeride euphoria…


Foiling is now more diverse and fun than ever before. The Airush foil board range takes you through a freeride journey from the wave-oriented Mini Monster Convert and Slayer boards, through the versatile Foil Skates to the high-performance Team Foilboard.

All of these are powered by the next generation of the legendary Ultra kite, now lighter, more responsive, and more refined than ever before. The final connection is our hydrofoil collaboration with AK Durable Supply Co., providing a modular foil platform to get you floating on a cloud of freeride euphoria…

Ultra V4

When it comes to finding the ultimate kite for a combination of lightweight performance in a single model for foil, freeride, and surf, there is no need to look further than the Ultra. The unique blend of stability, low end power, and responsive drive allows the kite to fly further forward in the window. Pairing lightweight Single Strut Geometry with a higher tension canopy makes this the most responsive version yet.The Ultra is designed to maintain its shape and responsiveness by maximising the benefits of the unique Airush Load Frame, resulting in improved canopy tension & rigidity to increase responsiveness. The balanced geometry combines canopy curve, leading edge sweep and a specific trailing edge concave. By reducing the number of struts and combining this with WebTech reinforcing, the weight of the Ultra is minimised. This enables a greater level of performance in all wind conditions and allows us to push the boundaries of light wind performance.

For the Ultra v4 the center strut has been lengthened for better low-end power, by adding more area in the center of the kite. With a medium aspect ratio and rounded wingtips, combined with the v3 Pulley Bridal system, the open-C design creates a new kind of kite. A kite for the minimalist, joining the revolution of foil and lightwind freeride. The single strut allows us to shed as much weight as possible without losing that essential rigidity needed for responsiveness.

Sam Cardenas Elias Ultra - Airush introduce Freefoil

The Airush Load Frame, featuring WebTech, has been the key to setting the ultimate benchmark in durability without compromising on weight. Central to the concept of the Load Frame are the lightweight Ultra High Modulus pp yarns, of which each single yarn can carry a load of 40kg. Think of them as a lightweight web with engineered energy absorption under load, similar to a spider web. These yarns are integrated into the canopy through reinforced taping that allows them to elongate when under extreme load, absorbing most of the shock that traditionally would have run through the canopy. At the same time, they carry the primary load of the canopy, preventing stretch and increasing long-term performance.

By expanding our exclusive Load Frame with WebTech throughout the areas normally occupied by Dacron, we are able to minimize or completely remove the heavier fabric, and utilize the ballistic high-modulus pp web fibres instead – increasing strength and minimizing weight.

So if you are looking for the ultimate combination in lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, the Ultra is the kite for you.

Kyle Cabano Colin Ultra Bar 1 - Airush introduce Freefoil

Ultra Bar

For the advanced rider looking for functional simplicity, the Ultra Bar is simple, clean, and lightweight. Designed to have just what you need to fly a kite, and nothing more. Making it an incredibly versatile control system, that has a set-and-forget off the water trim system.

This has removed the need for the bulk of on-demand straps or cleats. Meaning that if you are one of those riders that doesn’t touch your trim on a regular basis, the Ultra bar offers you a depower line that is completely clear so that you can utilize the extended bar throw for maximum range.

Particularly nice for foiling, as the bar is lighter in physical weight, and the larger depower amount is perfect for varying speeds while riding.

2021 Airush Bars Ultra v2 Teal img 02 - Airush introduce Freefoil

The Ultra Bar is notably suited for both foil and for wave riding because both groups tend to push the usable range of their kites at both the low and top end. Shipped with a wave slider loop as well as a small harness loop, the Ultra bar is ideal for pairing with your sliding spreader bar, optimal for wave riding purists.

The Modus 2.0 Bar End creates an extremely streamlined bar. Featuring a recessed screw, you can easily customize the bar setup with an additional 10cm of width adjustment to meet the needs of turning speed and response.

The Airush IQR safety leash release system features an ergonomically designed red handle, for added grip, making it easier to push the handle away from you, when you need to be completely disconnected from your kite. The IQR is an ISO21853 compliant quick release that has been 100% developed in house at Airush. It features a very simple click in style reset system while still being compact and easy to service.


MMC San Cardenas Kiko 1 - Airush introduce Freefoil

Mini Monster Convert

Introducing a board that does it all, the Mini Monster Convert is our performance fish for foiling, smaller waves, and lighter wind riding. The compact high-volume shape is ideal as your go-to board for wave riding and foiling, making it the perfect travel companion.

The paddle ability is evident in the fish inspired fuller outline and flatter rocker, which is super fun in beach breaks and onshore conditions. With well distributed volume throughout the compact board and a performance rail, early planing and sub-planing performance are easily achieved, while maintaining incredible turning and carving abilities. The foil compatibility makes it ideal for both surf foiling and kite foiling.

The three sizes offer a wide range of volume, with the large size ideal for heavyweight kite riders, extremely light wind or a board that can be kite foiled and surf foiled for the more advanced rider. Small sizes are more suited to windier conditions or more days on the foil.

Built in a durable and flexible Reflex Wood Sandwich construction. The Reflex Wood offers progressive flex for a responsive feel. Our lightweight fused EPS core utilizes a unique moulding process to create an extremely light centre with dense outer skin. This is then reinforced with high memory cork in the standing area and a full wood sandwich, top and bottom.


Sam Cardenas Colin MMC Wave 3 - Airush introduce Freefoil


Introducing a completely unique hybrid concept, that blends high performance strapless freestyle, wave riding, and flatwater foiling freedom. A fresh face in the foil board line up, is the Slayer. The Slayer is truly versatile, making it an ideal board for travelling.

Championed by Dave Kay, we have created a foil board that is a hybrid in a twintip construction and surf directional shape. Constructed using the double basalt layup, which is built to optimize strength and durability. The double basalt construction allows for progressive, natural flex from the HD PVC foam core for added pop when riding strapless and sticking hard landings.

The outline features a symmetrical wide nose that progresses into a central wide point, then into a wide tail. The broad nose helps with pushing over chop, and when turning off the tail, the sharper rail allows the board to keep it’s edge, making it stable in a wide variety of conditions. When riding with a foil, the slayer is extremely agile. The general rocker on the Slayer is quite flat, which helps the performance when riding in lightwind and onshore conditions.

Featuring a fully EVA gripped deck and raised rails for easy grabbing when riding strapless, with a low-profile standing area for a better connection to the water. The Slayer is offered in two Sizes, 142×47 and 152×47. Both are kitted with the AK Mutant fin pack, which is a 100 x 80mm quad fin setup for when riding without the foil. The foot strap inserts are sunken in for riding with straps and barely noticeable when riding without.

Kyle Cabano  Colin Slayer - Airush introduce Freefoil

Foil Skate

For a minimalistic, low volume crossover solution, the Foil Skate offers a twintip style construction in a foil board shape. The Foil Skate sits closer to the water compared to higher volume foil boards, which makes it easier to get going if you’re used to riding twintips. Featuring a low-drag foil specific upwind outline, for effortless upwind tacking, the low-profile deck has all the performance characteristics of a traditional high performance foil board.

Built using a bombproof twintip paulownia wood core construction, this classic AR Glass layup is focused on durability and responsiveness, ensuring a perfect combination, for freeriding needs. This construction is simple yet effective for stability and forgiving riding. Incorporating durable cast PU side walls for added durability.

The Foil Skate is available in two Sizes; 124×46 and 145×48. The Foil Skate 145 includes optional fin connections, giving you the choice of traditional skate style directional riding, when your foil isn’t connected. While both sizes have low drag, single sided, closed bottom M6 foil mounts. So when your foil is not connected, you won’t even notice that the Foil Skate is foil compatible.

The Foil Skate truly is a great option for those looking for a really fun and versatile foil board, without the bulk of traditional foil boards.

Sam Cardenas Foil Skate - Airush introduce Freefoil

Team Foil board

If you’re looking for a compact carbon solution, the Team Foil Board is an extremely fun and skatey board for advanced freeriders, riding strapped or strapless. The balance between the shorter length and high volume, makes it ideal for carving.

Constructed in our premium, ultra-light and durable Carbon Innegra construction, the Team Foil board is extremely stiff for maximum response and minimal distortion under the high loads when foiling. While the combination of Carbon and Innegra wrapping the deck and rail, increase the impact resistance and overall durability.

The refined bottom shape features beveled rails in the tail, with a release edge merging to the convex nose. The bottom is shaped for soft touch downs at any angle. The concave deck keeps you connected to the board when riding strapless and lowers your center of gravity during maneuvers.

Team Foil  Elias Sam Cardenas - Airush introduce Freefoil

AK Durable Supply Co.

The full Airush foil board range is paired perfectly with the new AK foils.

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