CORE Ripper 4

CORE release the latest incarnation of their ‘go-to’ surfboard, the Ripper…


The brand behind the ubiquitous black and white kites and boards re-invents the ever-popular Ripper and makes it more user-friendly in less-than-perfect conditions. The new Ripper is so easy to ride that it is the go-to surfboard in our Universal+ Series.

New shape.
The Ripper features a completely new outline and improved rocker that’s incredibly easy to ride in under-powered or sloppy waves. The kind of conditions kiters often encounter in their adventures. Pack your new Ripper and Nexus 2 kites, and you’ll always be prepared for what nature brings.

core ripper - CORE Ripper 4

New EZ Shortboard Outline.
Inspired by Fish board shapes, CORE added extra width to the outline between the straps and shifted the volume a little more forward. Thickness and length are reduced to compensate for the additional width. And you’ll notice the nose is a little fuller. As a result, board volume increases. These changes improve drive, stability, and wave riding on bigger kites or smaller waves.

Improved Progressive Rocker.
The Ripper features a 3 stage progressive rocker with a fast, flat middle. The front rocker hasn’t changed much and the rear rocker is reduced 6mm which adds a little extra speed in the
turns. Three-stage rockers are fantastic at increasing speed in the flats while improving carves when engaging the tail.

CORE Ripper 4 Detail RGB 72dpi 1600 - CORE Ripper 4

Same classic glass construction.
Preferred by pro surfers everywhere, glass boards provide a softer feel and more flexible ride with less bounce. So, if you are in the market for a glass do-all wave board that is especially fun and nimble in less than perfect conditions, the Ripper will tick all the boxes.

Check out the all-new Ripper at an authorized CORE retailer near you or visit us at

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume):
5’4’’: 18 1/2” | 2” | Volumen 22,6 l
5’8’’: 19” | 2 1/8’’ | Volumen 26 l
5’11’’: 19 5/16“ | 2 3/16’’ | Volumen 29 l

Delivery: All CORE Surfboards come with a Tail Traction Pad, Leash Plug, and FCS II fin boxes.

CORE Ripper 4 Mini Swallow Tail RGB 72dpi 1600 - CORE Ripper 4

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