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CORE - CORE protective gear

Following up on their travel bags, CORE are happy to announce the next drop of protective gear. Check out the latest additions to their range:

One thing is certain: high-quality gear needs the very best protection. This is why we introduce a full lineup of bespoke bags and covers for your CORE products and your individual needs. Available from today, new board bags and socks for both twintips and surfboards, as well a full range of foil specific protective covers, will extend our portfolio and get your gear to the spot without a scratch.

Product Overview 


Board Socks 

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Our snug-fitting board sock is just what you need to ensure your board stays protected on the beach. The light stretch polyester jersey prevents unnecessary UV damage, scratches and dirt abrasions. The large drawstring opening is quick and easy to use.

Sizes: Twintip 140   |  Twintip 155  |  Surf 6'2″   |  Stubby 5'4″

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Single Boardbags

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Protect your babies with a premium, heavy-duty bag that'll prevent your boards suffering those nasty and annoying travel dings. Available in many sizes, our high-quality bags will protect your twintip and surfboard for years to come.

Sizes: Twintip 140   |  Twintip 155  |  Surf 6'2″   |  Stubby 5'4″

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Kite Gear Bags

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Protect your valuable kite gear during travel with our hard-wearing, thickly padded gear bag. It's big enough for several kites, twin tips or surfboards, and everything you need for action-packed sessions.

Sizes: Kite Gear Bag 150   |  Kite Gear Bag 190

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Foil Covers

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To ensure protection during all the different ways you might transport your foil, we’ve extended our line-up with a wingsuit and a foil quiver bag. Not only will the quiver bag hold your foil board, but it has a separate compartment that all individual foil covers fit inside.

One Size Models: Foil Wingsuit   |  Foil Quiverbag

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