CORE releases all-new Foil and Foilboard

CORE Kiteboarding SLC Foil TBX118977 RGB 72dpi Thomas Burblies 1600 - CORE releases all-new Foil and Foilboard

Maximum performance. Minimum complexity. CORE releases its versatile SLC foil and foilboard that delivers predictable performance in all conditions. Progress faster. Hear the silence. And master foiling with the intuitive, carbon winged SLC Series.

Hover over the water and go upwind at impossible angles in virtually no wind. Or foil surf swells that were previously impossible. Hydrofoiling has made this possible and revolutionized kiteboarding. The SLC Series breaks down barriers with its wide range of use. “Anybody thinking about foiling today is confronted with a myriad of options that requires an in-depth study of wing types, materials, and accessories. The SLC Series simplifies your search with a setup for 95% of foilers,” suggests Philip Schinnagel, CEO of CORE Kiteboarding.

Jan Termöhlen, CORE’s SLC foil designer, explains, “The concept behind the SLC is to build an intuitive foil that handles any conditions with stability, confidence, and precision.” Expert foiler, and team rider, Steven Akkersdijk feels the SLC makes experienced foilers even better. “My tacks are on point. And it’s so playful and dynamic, that it gives me more freedom to experiment with new tricks,” comments Steven. Innovation isn’t new to CORE and its bespoke sister company, Carved Customs. With R&D history dating back decades, CORE and Carved have consistently incorporated new features and processes into its expanding watersports products. The Imperator – a carbon fiber masterpiece – reflects Carved's decade long carbon fiber experience. Carbon fiber is in CORE’s DNA, and it shows in the 1000 and 1250cm3 wings. Both wings feature predictable handling in unpredictable underwater conditions with steady pitch and yaw stability. Much of the wing’s performance is due to the extensive wing development program, PU core, and unique lamination process that builds good flex into the wingtips.

  • CORE Kiteboarding SLC Foil TBX18924 RGB 72dpi Thomas Burblies 1600 - CORE releases all-new Foil and Foilboard
    Photo: Thomas Burblies

CORE continues with the more expensive PU and carbon build for the stabilizer to further reduce foil weight. However, carbon’s anisotropic properties make aluminum a better allround choice for the mast. The mast weighs a little more than carbon but it better resists bending and twisting. “We use more corrosion resistant 6063 aluminum for the fuselage and mast. And our extrusion process achieves more rigidity than most carbon masts, with very little weight difference,” says Jan Termöhlen.

No foil is complete without a matching foilboard. CORE’s new SLC Board is optimized for the SLC Foil and delivers incredible comfort, stability, and ease-of-use. CORE’s engineers have been building boards for 20+ years now and know a thing or two about carbon construction. The board’s responsiveness stems from its carbon and PVC sandwich construction that reduces its swing weight and provides superior stiffness. Standard, unidirectional, and biaxial carbon laminations that reinforce critical stress areas improve longevity and durability.

The hull and deck shape is tuned to accelerate rider progression. The deck’s perpendicular orientation to the foil and the slightly concave surface provides a balanced and comfortable foil platform. Beveled rails and a double concave hull help you get back on track after touchdowns. And the standard 90mm wide and 275mm long mast track offers ample room to customize your ride.

While the smallest board (115 cm) is aimed at experts, the longer 125 & 135 cm boards have much broader use. “We invested a lot of effort tuning the hull for better touchdown, planing, and water start performance. The design offers outstanding stability and control for learning new maneuvers or foiling waves,“ comments Sebastian Witzleben, CORE’s foilboard developer.

For those ready to try, now is the time to jump on the SLC. And the rest of you, test the SLC. Its elevated performance will surprise you.

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