Introducing the Flysurfer Stoke

FS22 STOKE Olly byMiriamJoanna 12 - Introducing the Flysurfer Stoke

Ignite your fire with the Flysurfer Stoke.

The 3-strut STOKE features a slim leading edge, fast profiles, and long-lasting lightweight components. We minimized its weight by 17% to combine the best performance with the highest durability. The SLC-TEX triple rip stop fabric stands out from the detailed, technical construction of the STOKE. The advantages of the canopy material's uniform coating are excellent tearing strength, high UV resistance, and persistent air-tightness. A streamlined, clean design tested in rough South African conditions to offer the most reliable and playful ride.

“Being in that moment, absorbing all the elements and emotions to the fullest. That means #STOKE to us. To inspire people. To motivate people. Let them move. Let them think about what ignites their fire.”

FS22 STOKE Roderick 05 - Introducing the Flysurfer Stoke

The new STOKE is out now!

#STOKE #igniteyourfire

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