Introducing the new Slingshot Machine V1

P93M0029  Samuel Cardenas copy - Introducing the new Slingshot Machine V1

Slingshot are proud to unveil their newest big air kite – THE MACHINE V1. This all-new kite and platform is the result of over  two years of development and the addition of their new kite designer,  Adi Conrad. 

Adi and Tony Logosz collaborated and built the Machine V1 to enable riders of all skill levels to achieve their record heights. Based on an evolved frame geometry, the Machine V1 flies upwind efficiently, has quick turning capabilities, effortless relaunch, and the big-air ability to give any rider a rush.

Focus was placed on optimizing material sciences for a simplified approach when rounding out the Machine V1. It features a minimalistic and strategic paneling layout that keeps the weight low and is paired with a premium, streamlined pulleyless bridle system. The Machine kites are pure freeride performance!


Insane upward propulsion. The Machine's highly efficient aspect ratio is tuned to launch you to new heights and air times while still maintaining lightning-quick reaction speed and turning.



Crazy light-wind power generation. By eliminating the 4th and 5th struts, the design team lightened the overall build while increasing the Machine LW V1's light-wind performance.  Its highly efficient aspect ratio is tuned to push the limits of light-wind riding and upwind trajectory.



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