ION Quicklock Hook SS21

ION have just released their new patent-pending lightweight aluminium Quicklock hook, their revolutionary take on kite hooks. The construction offers single-handed hook-in and eliminates the risk of the chicken dick slipping out and releasing the kite by accident. Especially riders that ride hooked-in for the most time will appreciate this convenience. It underlines ION’s mission to create products that are superior in performance and function to anything else on the market.


“It is especially suitable for freeriders who rarely or never unhook and want a comfortable and above all safe hook solution, where you can hook in super-fast and easy and don‘t have to worry about the loop or if it might unintentionally come loose in any situation. This probably affects 80% of people who just cruise around and jump a bit. It is also suitable for the wave, but not predestined.”– JULIAN LANGE, PRODUCT MANAGER ION WATER

ION’s new Quicklook hook is a revolution in the hook area. It underlines ION’s mission to create products that are superior in performance and function to anything else on the market.

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ION offers a modular hook system for every C-Bar, which means you can choose your preferred hook option regardless of the spreader bar – Choose between Stainless steel, Aluminium or the all-new Quicklock hook. If desired, detach the hook before the next wave session and use the already installed Webbing Slider.


C-BAR 3.0

Comfort, light weight, and a sleek design – the C_Bar 3.0 Slider unites all these properties into a single piece. In terms of dura-bility, the rope has been replaced with Dyneema webbing that is usually found in climbing gear. Molded EVA on the inside provides a comfortable fit and contributes to the slim design.On top, the tension lever system allows a quick and perfect adjust-ment of the webbings.

Watch How to Change the Hooks with Lasse Walker


Want more information? Head on over to their product landing page.

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