Mystic FW 19/20 Collection

Mystic Waterwear Ozzy @ydwer - Mystic FW 19/20 Collection

Team Mystic just dropped their fall/winter collection. As ever, suprememly stylish, and of course packing the latest tech too. Here's the full skinny from Mystic…

We have everything you need for the cold months ahead! Mystic proudly presents the new FW 19/20 collection. Our team has crafted an awesome new collection, with the highest quality materials and new innovations. 

We’ve updated the wetsuit range with new styles and shapes, and completely renewed the accessory line of gloves, boots and shoes. Stay ahead of the game with our FW apparel line loaded with new styles and colorways.  Our products are built around the needs of our teamriders, they’ve tested and approved the full line after an epic trip in the harsh conditions during a winter storm in Ireland. Good times and adventures they’ll never forget!

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Our Mystic design team managed to create a new high-performance inner and outer lining for this season. Flaremesh inner lining with excellent stretch and heat reflection has a carbon backing and is topped with big terry loops creating a high pile for extra insulation and a soft touch. 
Knitflex outer lining is our high-end stretch fabric. Compared to other, non-woven fabrics Knitflex is more durable and has a unique structure in the lining. This creates an excellent and uniform stretch in all directions making it a great outer lining for panels that really need to perform. Knitflex truly looks and feels amazing, but the fast-drying abilities of the fabric are even better. Find out more on about these new developments. You will find Flaremesh and Knitflex in several products from our high-end segments. 
Get toasty with the newest leader of the pack, The VOLTT. The comfiest and warmest wetsuit we’ve ever made. Riding in the VOLTT is like cranking up the heat in your car after a long fulfilling session. Hell, the VOLTT is so warm it’s almost like eating a pizza straight out of the oven! Our goal was to create a suit that looks great, but feels even better. That’s why we upgraded the VOLTT using 3 different thicknesses instead of 2. The result is a warmer suit with a lot more stretch. A wetsuit you can surf all winter long. It comes in a hooded 6/4/3 and non-hooded 5/4/3 both with front-zip construction. 
Mystic FW1920 Mailchimp Artboard 1 - Mystic FW 19/20 Collection

The MAJESTIC is still one of our team riders’ favorites. It was quite the challenge to make the best even better, but we pulled it off. We’ve updated the panels with Knitflex on the outside and Flare Mesh Quick dry lining with waterproof stretch taped seams on the inside. We also got rid of unnecessary seams, minimalizing the numbers of panels. Safe to say that maximum comfort and freedom of movement are guaranteed while riding this suit.

Stand out from the crowd with our newest member of the pack, the MARSHALL. Our design team hand sketched the initial designs on multiple fitting models to get a perfect seam-flow and a super snug fit. The Fox lining on the chest and back panels will keep your core and upper body warm even in the chilliest of sessions.

Mystic FW1920 Mailchimp Artboard 2 - Mystic FW 19/20 Collection

GEM, the proud matriarch of our women’s range. An awesome wetsuit packed with our best features, materials and technologies. We’ve upgraded the GEM with knitflex, a high-end 4-way stretch outerlining with a soft touch and a luxurious look. Fox fleece and Flaremesh, our new high-performance Quick Dry terry with heat reflective carbon backing cover the full inside of the suit.  We’ve also added waterproof stretch Flaremesh taping on all seams to protect you from the cold during the most extreme days.

The sickest graphics backed by the newest technologies. A great combo of performance and style. The DIVA is designed for those who dare to be out there and comes in the colorful Aurora or Black & White allover print. The front-zip provides more flex in the upper body, giving you that extra freedom of movement. On the inside the DIVA has fully waterproof stretch taped seams combined with Flaremesh on the back and chest panels. 

The DAZZLED is a completely new women’s wetsuit. Our design team hand sketched the initial designs on multiple fitting models to get a perfect seam-flow and a super snug fit. The Fox lining keeps your core and upper body nice and warm. The DAZZLED is constructed with our renowned 100% M-Flex 2.0 neoprene. A high-quality neoprene with superb stretch. All seams are Glued Blind Stitched and have critical taping added to the most vulnerable seams around the waist. The DAZZLED comes in one stylish new color with beautiful lines to celebrate the female body.

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