Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar 2.0

Ocean Rodeo release their fully refined, popular frontline trim bar…


Totally redesigned, with top-of-class functionality.

The new Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar is the culmination of 20 years of frontline trim design experience. We went all out and had our design team refine every single component, to deliver the cleanest and easiest to use frontline trim bar to date.

HIGHLIGHTSPhoto Koko @kokofotografia2 353x530 - Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar 2.0

  • The redesigned control stick features a smaller 23mm diameter grip, turning the Pilot into a finely tuned precision instrument.
  • Featuring a generous 60cm of sheeting range, the newly designed cleat and trim line handle remain within easy reach.
  • The refined bar floats feature a streamline shape that incorporates fully retractable bar-end bungees for easy line storage.
  • The new Pilot has been upgraded with German-made Liros DC 401 Ultra HD flying lines.

ISO certified, the Pilot 2.0 is outfitted with the all-new Gen 9 Punch Out Trim Loop, which sets a new standard in ease of use, security, and is loaded with exciting new features to enhance your ride, and our Gen 9 Freeride Leash System that is lighter, smaller and stronger than ever.

“The new Pilot bar is everything I look for in a kite bar: Simple, easy, durable, and customizable. Simple: front trim bar, super clean and without any complications. Easy: thanks to its pigtails, it works with any kite. Durable: it is made to last, so you can forget about stretched lines or broken grips… Customizable: with just one screw you can change the size of your chicken loop! This bar is my go-to, even in the heaviest conditions.” – Carla Herrera Oria, Kite-Surf World Champion


Bar Length: 46cm and 52cm
Lines: 22m (19m + 3m) Liros DC 401

For more information or to purchase, visit: oceanrodeo.com/products/pilot2-0

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