Ocean Rodeo releasing the new ROAM and the JESTER

roam v2 - Ocean Rodeo releasing the new ROAM and the JESTER

Ocean Rodeo is making October memorable with the release of their dedicated wave kite and their strapless wave and freestyle board.

2017 ROAM

“Built with a tight 3 strut frame and big wingtips, the Roam is a dedicated wave kite that drifts down the line while maintaining positive steering with tight pivoting turns for ultra fast changes of direction.

The thick LE tube with powerful wing tips provides session saving rapid water relaunch. The kite’s intuitive feel and ultra short bridle ensure zero complications when at sea. Built tough with proven materials and manufacturing techniques honed since 2002 the Roam features high flow valves with a single point inflation / deflation system. The Roam is compatible with front line re-ride control bars.

All sizes available in limited quantities September 30.

Order now with dealers or online!


The Jester joins the Duke as the trickster of the court, rounding out the world’s first line of kiteboard dedicated funboards!

Team riders and the design team classify the Jester as hyperactive, twitchy and one hell of a fun board to ride. Built for riders of all sizes who crave a light and lively ride or ideal for a smaller, lighter rider who will appreciate the thinned volume and outline.

Preloaded with its own punk attitude and flare on the water, the Jester begs for strapless freestyle riding or charging the outside peak and into a wave that only a fool would dare.

Built with Duke tested compression molded construction, full eva deck pad and future fin boxes; the Jester ships ready to ride with three possible fin set ups: Quad, Tri-Fin or Thruster. The Jester ships complete with 5 fins, foot straps and a multi tool.”

Ocean Rodeo Products come with a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

First deliveries start, early October. 

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