RRD Global Wetsuit Collection

rrd global wetsuit collection - RRD Global Wetsuit Collection

The RRD GLOBAL WETSUIT COLLECTION results as a refined version of the previous years’ 2 seasons wetsuit ranges and introduces a year round collection to be used in any type of weather.
We have started to make wetsuits with a precise idea in mind: use pure surfing wetsuits and adapt them with various specific features to also be usable by a growing windsurfing, kiteboarding and supping community.

Whether you are choosing a PRO wetsuit for your sessions, or a shorty for your kid’s warm water discoveries, the RRD GLOBAL WETSUIT COLLECTION is designed and built to secure an innovative style with an unbeatable performance, comfort and durability level.

Shot by: Forest Bakker & Julien Leleu / Lightbroscreative.com / Fixerlfilm Neil / Mauro Ladu / Bas Christiaans / Samuel Tomè.
Edited by: Lightbroscreative.com

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