RRD: Shield Harness

Carl Ferreira harness romantsovaphoto Scarborough 3G1A0963 - RRD: Shield Harness

RRD – a brand synonymous with quality kit – just released the new Shield harness. We should all sit up and take notice…

shield1 800x500 - RRD: Shield Harnessshield2 800x500 - RRD: Shield Harnessshield3 800x500 - RRD: Shield Harness


The all-new premium Shield harness introduces our low profile carbon outer shield, which is made with the stiffest and lightest material that gives the most support without sacrificing weight, for maximum back support and performance, during long or powerful sessions. The lightweight carbon material doesn’t absorb water so it stays light. The naturally curved back and pre-shape gives you superior back support without losing freedom of movement and performance on the water. The Unibelt bar stabilizer is an exclusive feature to the Shield harness. It simplifies the belt- and closure construction and locks the bar into place, to eliminate ride-up of the hook. The Unibelt can easily be converted to a wave harness by installing the aftermarket shield specific rope bar conversion kit.


Carbon outer support shield
Pre-shaped inner and outer – Natural/Curved
Unibelt bar stabilizer
Push release spreaderbar
Kite hook
Safety Knife
Key loop and pocket
EVA Grip inside
Tender Neoprene inside
Handle pass leash connectors
Lo-wear webbing straps

Read more on the Shield over at RRD: robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/kb-ws-harnesses-y23/#kbharnesses

carl ferreira night romantsovaphoto Jr - RRD: Shield Harness

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